Learn About The All Class Reunion

About The W.T. White All Class 50 Year Reunion

Your Reunion Committee – No Specific Order…

Keller McCrary :: Jon Dahlander :: Marty French :: Brian Williamson :: Stephen Mull :: Joan Patmore :: Andrew Merritt :: Tracy Spring Merritt ::  Sharon Quist ::  Justin Lopez :: Darlene Morley ::  Barbara Morrison :: Bob Leach :: Pam Klekamp :: Pam Carpenter Surina :: All Of The Class Agent Volunteers

This Event is hosted by The W.T. White High School Alumni Association… The WT White High School Alumni Association is a 501 3C organization responsible for communication and coordination of events involving alumni of the school.  For more information send us an email: WTW50th@wtwcommunity.org

Our Alma Mater…

Oh Hail, alma mater, our school in a country free. Our hearts, hands, and minds are pledged evermore to thee. And may we have wisdom, May we have courage, that in so doing. We honor Thy name, oh great Alma mater, WARREN TRAVIS WHITE HIGH SCHOOL!

Our School Mascot and Theme…

The Longhorns

Most Popular Class…

It’s A Tie: German And Study Hall


More Longhorn info Coming Soon.